School of Discipleship and Impartation

Adopt a lifestyle of preparation to fulfill your calling and destiny.

Establish foundations of personal identity, godly character, biblical literacy and revelation of the ways of God in a community pursuing New Testament life. Get marked by a revelation of God, the beauty of family and the greatness of Jesus' power to save, deliver, heal and restore as you learn to bring Heaven to Earth.

CTS School of Discipleship and Impartation is a full-time, hands-on, year around school designed to radically immerse students in holistic preparation for the coming glory.  The unique last day’s dynamics require preparatory measures that train hearts to burn brightly in the midst of the greatest shakings and the greatest harvest the world has ever seen.  SDI is a season of consecrated, prophetic preparation of burning witnesses whom God will release into every sphere of society as a testimony to all people.



Dates: *Postponed until 2017

Cost: $7,500

  • Non-refundable deposit of $300 due August 15
  • Includes room + board
  • Payment plan available: Monthly payments of $800
  • Reduced tuition for Summer 2017 students