FREEDOM EQUIP The first of 3 seminars we offer.

The Freedom equip is a weekend seminar on spiritual identity, freedom and wholeness through the power of the gospel. Too often we live under veils of deception, patterns of sin and the sting of pain. Sadly these realities often cast a dark shadow over our lives with God and keep us from the full experience of the abundant life Christ promised. The Freedom Equip is designed to cast a light of awakening and hope with the life-transforming truth of the gospel. This seminar acquaints the believer with their heavenly identity and gives tools to diagnose and dismantle spiritual strongholds, enabling the believer to walk in the righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 

This seminar may include any of the following sessions:

The Power of Salvation

The transformational power of God is in the gospel. We must restore a biblical view of the gospel in order to see a biblical experience of salvation.

Our Original Design

The gospel restores our identity. Understanding who God says you are is a fuel for walking in the abundant life Christ promised. It anchors us to truth and helps us discern the presence of deception.

Spiritual Strongholds

The gospel declares us victorious. We must learn to fight with the supernatural weapons we’ve received in Christ. When we do this, strongholds come down and our lives align to the kingdom.

Overcoming Injustice

The gospel binds up our brokenness. Jesus modeled what it is to overcome injustice and remain filled with love and grace. There is a way out of pain that is full of hope and healing.

Breaking Generational Patterns

The gospel interrupts cycles of sin and bondage. When one is transferred into God’s kingdom they are transferred into a new family. The now have opportunity to pass on blessing and life to future generations.

Bringing Down The Mountains

The gospel brings down mountains like pride, independence and sexual immorality through the gift of repentance. We are made for humility, community and purity.

Filling In the Valleys

The gospel raises up the valleys of hopelessness, depression and unbelief. We are made for hope, true joy and radical faith.

2019 Equipping Seminars

Franklin, tn january 26

Dublin, ireland February 1-2

Lansing, MI February 9

Gas city, in Feb 16

Albany, NY March 2

Phoenix, az April 6

Roseville, ca November 2

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