Catalyst Training School

Who We Are: 

We are a training and global outreach mission for the next generation.

What We Do:

We provide Community-Based Discipleship Training Schools, dynamic Mobile Equipping Seminars and International Mission Teams for the completion of the Great Commission.

Why We Exist:

To prepare a global family who will love Jesus with everything, become like Him in every way and make disciples everywhere.

The Great Commandment: Love God with everything

The Great Conformity: Become like Jesus in every way

The Great Commission: Make disciples everywhere

A Little History:

Adam & Jenny Narciso pioneered our first School of Transformation in summer of 2009. Since then hundreds have been discipled through our schools and thousands have been equipped through our weekend seminars and outreaches around the world. In 2017 the Narcisos and a pioneering team relocated to Franklin, TN to establish a new hub for Catalyst Ministries. For more from Adam Narciso, visit his website.