THE HEARING GOD EQUIP The 2nd seminar of 3 we offer.

The Hearing God Equip is a workshop-style training to inspire faith and activate believers in the supernatural grace to hear God’s voice. Designed for those hungry to grow in friendship with God and engage Spirit-empowered ministry, this seminar combines biblical teachings and hands-on workshops.


HOW DO I HEAR GOD? A survey of some of the ways God speaks.

Too many believers live convinced that God doesn’t speak to them; that they lack some spiritual gift necessary to hear from God. But in fact, these ideologies fly in direct contrast to Jesus’ own teaching, My sheep hear My voice (John 10:27). Taught in story form, this session demystifies what it looks like for the sheep to hear the Shepherd’s voice. Participants identify ways God speaks to them and are given practical wisdom for cultivating the grace to personally hear God.


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Wisdom for interpreting revelation from God.

Throughout biblical history we find that God continually employed the use of symbolism when communicating with man. Is it possible to accurately discern the Father’s voice in our thoughts, visual images, dreams, and apparent random ideas? This session provides helpful wisdom for discerning the meaning of these supernatural impressions. In addition to the lecture, an up-front demonstration and small group exercises provide opportunities for participants to share and glean from one another in a safe environment.


WHAT DO I DO? A vision for a supernatural life.

I only do what I see the Father doing (John 5:19). Jesus modeled for us the Spirit-led life. As we tap into the same grace of hearing the Father and following His lead, life takes on a dynamic joy and sense of holy adventure; our prayer life is invigorated; and every expression of ministry carries the sense of God’s goodness and power. This session paints a picture of the supernatural life by highlighting from scripture how hearing God changes everything: prayer, teaching, evangelism, mission, discipleship, parenting, etc.

Equipping Seminars

2019 Equipping Seminars

Franklin, tn january 26

Dublin, ireland February 1-2

Lansing, MI February 9

Gas city, in Feb 16

Albany, NY March 2

Phoenix, az April 6

Roseville, ca November 2




*The Hearing God Equip may be shared in a variety of formats (ex. 3 conference sessions or week-long ministry school). To find out how you can host a seminar in your home church/hometown email