School of Transformation Experience

  • COMMUNITY – A company of believers committed to the glory of God.  Catalyst students experience life with the body of believers at City Central Church, a fellowship pursuing New Testament life.  Students regularly receive personal ministry and are equipped to minister to others in the body as well.  Students will also be immersed in intentional community and life together as they share a residence. This is a taste of life in the kingdom, a reality much deeper than mere church attendance.
  • EXPLOITS – A framework for students to engage a supernatural lifestyle.  The Holy Spirit, intimacy with Him and joining Him in His works are values that permeate the training.  Students learn to listen for God’s voice and step out in ministry both locally and abroad in a culture of faith.  This breaks the status quo and establishes new norms that more accurately reflect life in kingdom.  “They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits” (Dan 11:32).
  • DEVOTION – Daily schedules built around growing in the knowledge of God.  More than becoming smarter, students learn to prioritize their lives around the glory of God and the worship of Him.  Long hours are spent in study and meditation in the scriptures, worship and prayer, producing a heart fully alive in God.

Teaching Emphasis:

PRAYER – The Great Commandment: Love God with everything

Students spend 12hrs/week before the Lord in the Prayer Room in study, meditation, worship and corporate intercession.

  • Building a First Commandment Lifestyle
  • True Worship & The Priority of Ministry
  • The Glory of God & His Attributes
  • Prophetic Intercession

RESTORATION – The Great Conformity: Become like Jesus in every way
Students receive regular personal Freedom Prayer and are themselves trained as a Freedom Prayer Team.

  • Discovering & Operating in Your Original Design
  • The Authority of the Believer
  • Personal Revival and True Repentance
  • Redemptive Sexuality 
  • Seeking After the Heart of Christ

MISSIONS – The Great Commission: Make disciples everywhere
Students participate in both local and international outreaches.

  • The Beauty of the Simple Gospel
  • Biblical Missions: Incarnation, Proclamation & Demonstration
  • Navigating Gospel Encounters
  • Extending the Kingdom in an Urban Context
  • The Identity & Mission of a Christ-Follower