School of Transformation Experience



Catalyst students experience the beauty of authentic community on mission with God. Students regularly receive personal ministry and are equipped to minister to others in the power of the Spirit.  Plenty of adventure, fun and opportunities to make hilarious memories are built into the program. As well, students are immersed in intentional community and life together as they are hosted by members of our Church Host, The Gate Community Church. 


A framework for students to engage a supernatural lifestyle.  The Holy Spirit, intimacy with Him and joining Him in His works are values that permeate the training.  Students learn to listen for God’s voice and step out in a culture of faith and obedience.  This breaks the status quo and establishes new norms that more accurately reflect life in kingdom.  “They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits” (Dan 11:32).


Daily schedules built around growing in the knowledge of God. More than becoming smarter, students learn to prioritize their lives around the glory of God and the worship of Him. Students are exposed to a large variety of devotional practices, including tools for Bible study, meditation, worship, various types of prayer and fasting. This exposure provides students with a broad devotional foundation on which they can build a lifetime seeking God.


Freedom In Christ

  • Identity, wholeness and freedom through the power of the gospel

  • Tools to diagnose and remove spiritual strongholds

  • Be healed from past hurts

  • Adopt a lifestyle of repentance

  • Live in righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit

Hearing God

  • Discover the ways God speaks to you

  • Engage practices for cultivating revelation

  • Develop skills to interpret visual and symbolic revelation

  • Practical training in sharing God’s word with others

  • Be developed as a prophetic ministry team

Gospel Encounters

  • Engage evangelism with God instead of for Him

  • Communicate the gospel through love, truth and supernatural power

  • Incarnation, Proclamation and Demonstration

  • Be emboldened and empowered in your witness of Jesus and the simple gospel

Sexuality and the Gospel

  • A vision for authentic manhood, womanhood and sexuality

  • Understand the sexualization of culture from a biblical worldview

  • Experience healing from sexual brokenness and freedom from shame

  • Receive grace to live in purity and joy

  • Understand God’s plan for radical equality through the power of the gospel

Impassioned Theology 

  • Trinitarian theology and worship

  • Trinitarian theology and community

  • Trinitarian theology and team ministry

  • Trinitarian theology and the ministry of women

  • Discover the beauty of God as the source of life

The Holy Spirit

  • The gifts of the Spirit

  • The fruit of the Spirit

  • The Spirit of wisdom & revelation

  • The place of prayer